The World’s Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaners

Think that $300 you just hashed out for a vacuum cleaner was a lot of money? Boy, you haven’t seen nothing yet! While you may think that is an expensive cost, you will go into shock when you learn the cost of the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaners! Sit back, relax and make sure that you don’t go into shock over these vacuum cleaner prices!

Ouch! That’s A Lot of Money

It certainly is a lot of money. More than 19 thousand big ones in fact. That price tag is found on the extravagant, 3,730 Swarovski crystal black and white Crystal Ergoripado vacuum cleaner created by Electrolux in 2009. This award-winning vacuum cleaner will cost you a whopping $19.340, leaving one to wonder if this is something that you would really even want to vacuum the floor with. Perhaps a beautiful new spin on a household decoration?

Another expensive Electrolux model, but one far less pricey than the Crystal Ergoripado, is the $1800 Electrolux Trilobite 2.0. A robotic vacuum cleaner, this guy takes all of the hard work out of cleaning the house. Simply set the dial and you’re ready to go. At that cost we would hope that it would do magical things! It is a couple of years old now but still just as impressive as ever, and a model that you should look at if money isn’t an object.

The Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner

The most expensive vacuum cleaner in the world costs you a million dollars. It is fit for a king, by all means, but again something that you must wonder if you would really want to take the chance cleaning your home with. The GoVacuum cleaner is .24 gold-plated and is the costliest vacuum around. It is powerful and features a HEPA filter ad bag. It also contains other high tech features, including crystals and an eco-friendly list of features.

Money, Money, Money

Would you ever pay such amounts to own a vacuum cleaner? I know that I, for one, would not, even if I had money that I could spend sparingly. That is just so much money to invest in something to clean the house with. There are tons and tons of great vacuum cleaners out there that will get the housecleaning done, and I will save the gold and crystals to adorn my body with. Even then they won’t cost me that kind of money.

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